Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stock Xpert vs Think Stock

I know how things work in this world but still I can't find (and it's been a while since) the reason why someone (with knowledge) would turn into dust a very good source of income for the agency especially like StockXpert was.Why would Getty buy it and then destroy it?!

I know that, from the outside, things might not be the same as from the point of view of then new owner (Getty Images). Still, I can't believe they did this, only to start a bran new project with lower traffic and lower prices like the ThinkStock site.
I am curious what could it be. Really !

Although the Thinkstock earnings have been rather pathetic since the transition, the other day's record sales (or should I say glitch) would almost have made up for it.

Until further data/news (explanations) I have to say it's to bad Stock Xpert was put down.

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