Friday, February 18, 2011

16 THINGS about me

16 THINGS reposted from my flickr account where I've been asked (severel times like most of us there) to say 16 things about me. Here it is:

Just a little bit of news for youmagic night

1. I have a daughter that I'm really proud of.
2. My husband is the best man I know.
3. I like nights more then I like mornings.
4. I find to be a powerful person someone who can afford to listen, forgive, forget, believe, understand and help those around and I consider to be a weak and desperate person someone who would give ultimatums, hide under party times or cool faces and destroy any glimmer of hope of others.
5. No question about it, I am not a serious person. I'm serious.
6. My kitchen wall is yellow. Still.
7. The only scary movies that I really like are the Scary Movie series ;)
8. My personal record number of films that I watched in a week was 38 (at home off course) and for one day was 7 and I really like to try harder next time.
9. My favorite comedies are Office Space, Parole Officer and Stranger Then Fiction.
10. I find philosophy, logic, emotional intelligence to be the best "tools" in life but with out faith and especially love, life would not make sense at all.
11. I know that a person with character is something that is very, very rear in real life. I also know that we don't judge our selves with the same eyes that we judge the people around us. All in all I don't put my trust in any human been including myself when it comes to expecting the right thing or stuff like that.
12. I am a perfectionist so if I have to write something (right) it will take a while. :D
13. I really love to dance and I think that you can tell a lot about someone if you watch them dancing....except me cose I know this so I pretend to be different then I actually am.
14. One of the things that I really don't like at all is the fact that clothes have that irritating tag inside witch will end up against the skin making me crazy and most of all that no one from the industry, no matter how famous/good or cool, would consider at least a soft material or some easy way to remove it without ripping the material off. Really annoying and surprising.

15. I have the believe that often real stories would seam so made up that is better not to tell them at all .

16. IF you happen to find any misspellings, contextual errors or any other kind of text-related mistakes, you can blame MS Word or little green men from Mars, but not me. Because I don't make mistakes. Because I'm perfect. That's all.

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