Tuesday, February 22, 2011

unimportant stuff ? what do you mean ? what is really important and what's unimportant ?

This is a good one but at the time (when I said that I should concentrate only on important stuff) I was referring at stock photography to be honest and to the photography business in general.

At that point I didn't invest any more money then the semester's photography exhibitions (huge) expenses and the too many roles of film that I was using every day (like they were digital or something) . But important stuff it would have been to by a digital SLR camera that was already available (especialy that I had plenty of money from the real estates hobby I was doing back then).

Now, important stuff (business wise) would be kind of the same, only maybe its time for some video investments too.
See? I need the 10 years perspective again...

The truth is that always with investing like with giving it comes back to you ten times more :)

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