Sunday, May 29, 2011

bare necessities

So we have our food and our water, and that is a good thing, because we don't go hungry. And we have faith, and that is even better. It means our souls are safe. A good shelter is also most important to our well-being. But nowadays, there's another thing taking over our lives, sometimes even surpassing more critical ones... the need to communicate.

Shy Orange Furry Feline

People of genius made it possible and we LOVE every bit (or byte?) of it. Every "happening" must be thoroughly advertised on Facebook, no deals are sealed unless previously discussed on-line, most meetings take place in front of a web-cam... you see what I'm getting at. It has become reflex to open the laptop, maybe even more so then opening the fridge... because you can go on for quite some time without food, but you are dying to see who else added you as a "friend", how many more "likes" your fan-page has received, what your relatives from overseas have been doing and what on Earth was Princess Beatrice thinking wearing that hat at the royal wedding. And let's face it, it's not bad at all (the information, not the hat).
Besides keeping us entertained, our on-line activities also boost our businesses, cultivate our tastes, make us smarter and more educated, or at the very least more informed. A moderated dose of web interaction has become, for more and more internauts, the any-time equivalent of the morning coffee. Well, maybe it won't alleviate your head pain - the web is caffeine free - but it will lift your spirit, the way a good talk with a close friend sometimes does... Because it is the easiest, fastest, most hassle free (and cheapest, right?) way of making new friends, most of which are people you've never personally met (and probably never will), but whose "electronic" paths momentarily connect with yours, converging on a mutually interesting... something: a nice picture, a good movie, an idea, or maybe a good food recipe. One thing got harder, though... just you try explaining to your grandma' how you made hundreds of friends by sitting in front of that screen in your room. Yeah, that never gets old...
So, there it is, the thing that we are slowly but surely beginning to NEED: THE INTERNET. Besides faith, food and water, of course.

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  1. But with some luck we can make friends even offline ! :)