Sunday, May 22, 2011

MOUCHATON The Mastermind/ Eminenta cenusie


    At just a few months old, little Mouchaton is becoming a handfull... of joy :) He likes exploring EVERYTHING, he has to see EVERYTHING, and he MUST be included in every activity we undertake. He wakes me up in the morning by rubbing his furry ears against my face and purring... you could die from the cuteness. Too bad I'm too sleepy to snap some pictures :) He likes watching TV, although he's not so easily amused anymore and a harsh critic (he might fall asleep in the middle of the action). He likes his high places, he's always on top of the furniture, and he LOVES the family dwarf hamster. Sometimes I fear he would LOVE it with a side dish of tuna. The hamster, though, in spite of being the size of a ping-pong ball, valiantly ignores the cat's efforts and keeps spinning his hamster-wheel.
    Oh, and another thing about the cat. He is very much a part of the team. Just this morning I was preparing the gear and he was like really helping. You know, messing up the cables, getting into my camera backpack and refusing to come out, scrambling the charged batteries with the not-yet-charged ones, sharpening his claws on the diffusers, and all those other helpful things that cats do. And I was enjoying every minute of it. So yeah, that's his job: entertaining. Somehow, he always manages to make me forget about troubles and brings the sun out.


See a large view and more here

Here is when he was still so very easily amused:

Stephie (U know, our teenage daughter) just came from a fashion show and undone her hairdo and it looked huge (here I don't think is quite obvious how big it actually looked/was) and we felt that a few pictures with our new little cat were a good idea. Muchaton fell asleep very shortly after we stared and did not mind at all the lights or anything else for that matter. He trusted Stephie  completely already.


Here I found him staring at me from out laundry basket :)
See a large view and more here

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