Monday, May 23, 2011

Old city new

Why is it that every photo shooting day feels like the first day of my photographic life? Is it just me or does everyone else feel like this? A feeling of new and undiscovered, like there's a whole new world out there, waiting to be unveiled through light and color. I start prepping the gear, going through the motions with the kind of automatism that comes with years of repetition, and then the not-yet-taken pictures start hovering somewhere in a corner of my mind.  Then I stop for a moment and look out the window, and I see the same city, yet I know that today it will be different. I know that because it's been different every time. Somehow, every photo-session brings something new and manages to surprise me. The city is as moody as the girl next door, and it shows. Some say that it breathes, that it has a life of it's own, like some giant living organism that coexists quietly along us... and through us. People and cars and clothes and shoes and smiles and trees and asphalt and old buildings and a lonesome puddle catching a glimpse of light... they're never the same. And I know that when I will lift my camera to compose the next shot, all of that will fall into place like a huge puzzle that never assembles the same way twice. I know that every shot I'll take will be a singularity, a never-before-and-never-after event. And that makes it special, and worth taking.

Claudia Veja Images

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