Claudia Veja is a full time photographer working worldwide with centers in USA,Transylvania and UK. Currently licensing her images trough the best agencies (stock, art & news) in the world (gettyimages/istock, Shutterstock/BS, Alamy, Folotia, SXP/Jupiter, DT, CS,PM, CSP...) and MEDIAFAX in her country.

"Claudia Veja" is actually a team. Creative by profession Claudia, Stephie, Dani and Emm are the soul of this team but all the assistants,make up artists, hair or fashion stylists are very important as well. They work collaboratively creating totally awesome images. By merging their talents they provide images that suit all types of clients. Hire this team and you'll get the best there is.

"We produce stock images, commercial, artistic, fashion. We do event photography and sometimes we cover news related events."

Claudia Veja attended the ART School since 5th grade in Cluj-Napoca - Transylvania, her birthplace city. While still in Arts High School, she got her first job as a freelance graphic designer. After working for a while as a freelancer, she decided to continue her studies (major in photography) at the University of Art and Design in Transylvania, and is a bachelor in photography & videography.

While still a student, she worked in advertising as an Art Director and photographer. First as an employee and then as a freelancer she realized – (as a buyer for her clients) - that she could also produce and market her photos through the same agencies so she started to licence on the macro stock agencies of the time (gettyimages, corbis, jupiter,comstock) and then on the microstock world as well .

Claudia Veja graduate the University of Art (Photo-Video-Design) at Cluj-Napoca, Tranylvania and has been creating images professionally for more then a decade. Claudia is known for her creativity and ability to always come up with something fresh and captivating using her knowledge before and post production. Her main interests is to produce outstanding images for her direct clients or the once of the agencies where she license her images. Surrealism is one of the fresh feel that can be sensed in her concept work even in the classic stock images that she dose. Claudia Veja is well known for the clean conceptual imagery residing in her photographs and her use of natural & studio light. Her photographs are based on original ideas and imagery and use this unperceived post production work that improves the images in a subtle way with this captivating appearance .